Guillaume Eouzan

Dive into an inspiring adventure through my conferences and trainings, and grasp the keys to the next digital and technological revolutions.
A Pedagogue’s

Journey into the Digital World

Guillaume Eouzan began his journey as a teacher of economics before venturing into the fields of marketing and communication. Recognizing the transformative impact of the internet at an early stage, he designed avant-garde courses on the subject in 1999. As the director of a communication school in Aix-en-Provence, he instilled a passion for the digital realm, which led him to found MindFruits in 2008 during the emergence of digital marketing.

With a wealth of diverse experiences, Guillaume Eouzan is primarily a pedagogue and visionary in the field of digital technology. He shared his expertise through conferences and became known in major professional events. In 2020, he shifted his attention to the new frontier of AI. Today, with the same enthusiasm as in the early 2000s, he deciphers the intricacies of AI, placing humans and businesses at the heart of this revolution.

Over the years, Guillaume Eouzan has served a wide range of clients, leaving a lasting impression with his conferences and training sessions. His deep knowledge and ability to engage both small groups and large audiences have made his offerings highly sought after. Whether it’s a keynote for conventions and seminars, webinars for interactive remote learning, or customized workshops and training sessions, Guillaume Eouzan provides tailored solutions to meet the specific needs of his clients.

AI and digital: illuminating and facilitating the path for humans and businesses!

Guillaume Eouzan
Pioneering visionary
for 20 years and counting

Philosophy behind my Content

With a rich and diverse background, I am a pedagogue and digital visionary. Since the early days of the internet, I have recognized its transformative impact. I have shared my expertise through conferences, marking minds at major professional events.

Today, with the same dedication as in the early 2000s, I decipher the intricacies of AI, putting humans and businesses at the heart of this revolution.

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